July 3, 2007

the client

Posted in the client at 4:47 am by azwari

Honda Malaysia Sdn.Bhd (HMSB)

Provide jigs and technical support for Honda Training Center Jasin.Fabricate and install assembly line for Pegoh Plant.Fabricate and install engine mount unit for AF line.Fabricate and install rear suspension mount unit for AF line.Fabricate and install dashboard assembly jig.Various kind of assembly jigs i.e. engine mount, drive shaft assy, rear suspension mt,engine assembly, wind glass installation, door assembly, inspections jigs for QA, engine assy jig, CVJ    assembly jigDesign and fabricate auto damper install jig

Shin Etsu Polymer (M) Sdn.Bhd.         

Machining high precision parts Upgrade machineries Design and fabricate automation system

Sony Technology Malaysia (SONY)

Automations to reduce manpower and increase outputDesign and fabrication of Auto Degauss MachineDesign and fabrication heat sink jig.Fabrication for TV board tester unit.Machine parts, jigs and fixtures for Mechanical Engineering Dept,Tuner, FBT, DY and TV Design

Ingress Groups

IRSB:Notching Dies, Embossing Dies,WRM, TSSB:Antirust machine,Side Mirror InspectionIESB:Die PartsIPSB: Die Parts,

Malaysia Sheet Glass (MSG)

High precision and high accuracy jigs and fixtures

Crystal Clear Technology (CCT)

Technical support,jig design, fabrication for new production line, LCD Module etc.Design and fabrication in circuit tester for LCD, CMD and COG. Including PCB design and probe pin wiring.Design and fabricate various kinds of semi automated and fully automated for LCD, CMD, COG production.Jigs and fixtures for clean room application.

Matsushita Television Network (MTV)

Automations to reduce manpower and increase output Machine parts, jigs and fixtures for Industrial Engineering Dept, TV Design.Design and fabricate remote control inspection jig.Design and fabricate chip packaging machine.Mass production for TV pallet and accessories

Miyazu (M) Sdn Bhd.


Technomeji Rubber Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.

Inspection Jig;Functional Tester, Machining Parts, QC Jigs  

Flextronic Malaysia

Jigs and fixtures for Hand phone fabrications, testing equipments

Sapura Industries

Press Die for D18d- Perodua; Volvo ; General MotorInspection JigMachine Part for Sapura MachiningQA Jigs and Fixtures


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