July 3, 2007

the key personel

Posted in the person at 4:32 am by azwari

Azhar Azwari Hj Annuar


Engineering graduate in 1995. Formerly Senior Engineer, Jig Design Group, Manufacturing Engineering Div. Sony Technology Malaysia. Involved in designing various kind of jigs and fixtures for tv,pcb,dvd,vcd,video,projection tv etc for Sony. Project Manager with a major engineering manufacturing company. Dealing with daily productions and service major clients throughout the 6 years attachment with the company.Solid 11 years of design, assembly,manufacturing,softwares and automation. 


Rosli Mohamad

Quality Control Manager

Formerly Senior Assistant Engineer with Honda Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.(Malacca Plant).Actively involved in automobile assembly. Expert in various type of assembly jigs and fixtures for various Honda models. Key designer for automobile jigs and fixtures. 


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  1. azhar Ahmad Rafie said,

    Salam Azhar azwari
    Pls keep in touch .
    azhar rafie

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