July 4, 2007

profile pusher

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precise profile pusher with linear bearing and miniature linear guide.



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cam profile. cnc milling

precission parts

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sample of some of the precission machining parts.process includes milling, lathe, grinding, edm and such.

capacitor leg cutting machine

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capacitor leg cutting machine

rolled capacitor will be loaded into capacitor bin.machine will pick each capacitor, cut its legs to specific length and then bend the leg with a specific angle.

fully automatic, plc controlled. pneumatic and stepper motor is utilised throughout the machine.

July 3, 2007

stabilizer bar inspection jig

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GM Thailand Rear stabilizer bar inspection jig

lancing and end cutting die

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Designed by our design teams.Lancing and end cutting die is used by one of leading car manufacturer to produce weather strip for rear doors.Using 200 tonnage press machine

multi functional tester

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 title: functional tester jig

notes: internal designed,fabricate and installation

functions: this is a four in one machine. clamping,bending,testing and electronic functional test

the products

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part: fbt holder

material : titanium